Trials and Tribulations with Software – Or, How I Weened Myself from Microsoft

It’s finally occurred! I finally broke free!

No, it has nothing to do with writing, yet everything to do with the process of putting words on paper. Or, at least, putting words into a digital file. But first a quick background, I’ve done IT work for over 20 years, so I’ve grown up through the DOS days when Wordperfect was king on the desktop before following everyone else to the Windows/Office world. That said, I know how to build out hardware/software and make it work. I don’t get too upset when the equipment eventually fails.

Then, my motherboard on a laptop died a couple of weeks ago, right after I finished my latest book. Now, I have a spare laptop, so I’m thinking, no problem, I’ll just pop in the hard drive and finish off the uploads. No need to rebuild the world. After a few updates to the drivers for the new laptop, things are working. Now I can finish off my work in MS Word.

Wrong! Microsoft and it’s archaic licensing stood in the way. Same software, same hard drive, but I’m a bad boy. I need to re-activate the Win7 software because I’m using an old/new motherboard. Ok, let’s spend some extra time getting validation done. Not a problem, until I find out that after multiple attempts through the online system, it won’t activate. After trying to re-install the OS and using the new key code, I attempt to try using the phone system, and it tells me it has an error and to wait for a person.

Wrong! By this time, I’m fed up with the whole concept of needing to get someone’s approval to use the software I paid for when I bought the laptop. Realizing everything has been backed up to a spare drive, I pull out the trusty Ubuntu 16 DVD which I’ve been tinkering around with for about a year and overwrite Windows 7 OS. I also got rid of the Office 365 which I pay for monthly, etc.). Within a couple of hours, I have full replacements for all of the MS stuff. Better yet, it’s free. Although, if I like it I can get support for a nominal fee. No need for a stupid license based upon some ideas when the desktop tech was just getting going. Now, it’s just replacing other laptops in the home.

I’m free at last!

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It Took a While – Infinite Loop is Published

After a hard drive crash and much gnashing of teeth, my new paranormal mystery is now available. For those who like old mystery movies, this may be the book for you. It contains a little film noir style within a supernatural setting where lies, greed, and betrayal bring out the best or worst in each character.

While the plot is a far cry from my last three books, I found this story easier to write in character development and plotting. However, the need for hints and red herrings necessary in the work made things difficult for me since I tend to write in a ‘stream of conscious’ style. Forced to retrace ground which I believed already covered, the mystery genre hopefully taught me to be a better storyteller. Download a sample (or better yet, the full story) and let me know.

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